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full corporate video production services including concept development, production, and post production. For those who need an all-in-one script-to-screen solution,


Marketing videos are a direct representation of your brand personality, influencing your reputation in the business world. Through custom video production, you can quickly establish credibility and trust with potential clients, allowing you to demonstrate your product and service benefits in ways that photos and text can’t.

transforms your corporate message into an attractive, motivating and valuable brand building tool.


  • Reach More Clients With Less Work.

  • Showcase Your Product.

  • Demonstrate Your Product Thoroughly.

  • Create A Concise Message For Potential Clients.

  • Highlight Your Strengths and Services.


As people increasingly turn to the web for news and entertainment, businesses struggle to grab the attention of new clients, creating a prime space for rich media advertisement.  clients are capitalizing on this growing demand for web commercials with online video content that increases search engine visibility and enhances their brand presence on the internet.

Incorporating the latest technologies, world-class editing, 3D animation and motion-graphics, Film Creations online video content delivers the multi-sensory entertainment experience that today's audience’s demand.

  • Connect To Clients Worldwide.

  • Drive More Traffic to Your Website.

  • Increase Time Spent At Your Website.

  • Deliver a Coherent and Consistent Message.

  • Increase Your Web Presence.


specializes in the production of educational, training, and instructional videos. Training videos allow you to take your expertise to your audience in a cost effective and engaging manner. These can include product demonstrations, staff training videos and instructional DVD's intended for resale.

Training videos with our corporate video production service are a highly effective medium to visually instruct your target audience, subsequently contributing to a reduced demand for technical support, better product recognition and greater customer satisfaction.

  • Internal & External Use Training Video Production.

  • Full DVD Authoring & Duplication.

  • On-Location or In-Studio Shooting Capabilities.

  • Custom Logo Treatment.

  • High Quality Audio Recording Services.

  • Alleviate Repetitive Training Sessions.


 We are an award-winning, full service video production company, specializing in corporate videos, promotional videos and commercials, politicals and government, educational and training videos, documentaries, fundraiser and event videos and creative video editing.

Over the years, we’ve partnered with Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, start-ups, non-profits, PR and advertising agencies to deliver visually stunning videos and unforgettable messages that help our clients stand out. We are also a leading, local resource for producers from all over the world in providing production management and support.

With our proven track record of delivering exceptional results on time and on budget for our clients, we’ve emerged as the leading creative boutique in the Southwest.

Film Creations Ltd. was founded in 1978 by award-winning producer, director and videographer, Rick Rose, and has expanded to offer a full range of services for video production in Tucson. With a portfolio that spans three decades, our team has collaborated with hundreds of companies to enhance their corporate communications and build brand awareness through visually stunning video. Over the years, Film Creations projects have come to epitomize high-end production value, spanning from commercials for national Fortune 500 companies to 3D showcases for small, grass-roots start-ups.

Today, our team includes new members that bring fresh ideas, skills and creativity to every project. This fresh perspective, coupled with the size and agility of the organization, allows us to quickly assemble resources to meet the demands of an ever changing media landscape. Considered by many to be the leading creative boutique in the Southwest, we consistently stand out from other production companies by delivering unique, creative, and inspiring video at a good value.


-When introducing your company to a new client or customer you have a big opportunity to make a positive and lasting impression. Enter the branding video; an effective and creative way to communicate your company’s goals, culture and product offering. Most importantly, brand videos are a compelling way to visually tell your unique story.We work closely with you to fully understand your brand promise so that you can create meaningful and emotional connections with your customers. We do this through good storytelling, and our goal is to make your brand unforgettable.


You’re ready to release your killer new product, software or service to the world. And launching it successfully means everything to you; failure is not an option. But how can you make sure that it stands out from all the others? Studio B will help you craft your product’s story and make sure it’s relevant to those who matter most.

From consumer product releases to enterprise solutions, we’ve produced videos for some of the biggest name companies in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. Everything from tech to cosmetics to sportswear we team up with our clients to develop a compelling product video treatment that effectively speaks to your market.

Getting your product or service in front of millions is no longer exclusively achieved through broadcast TV. With the web and social media, you have an immediate, more personal, cost-effective video delivery method – and no need for a huge media buy.


We are experienced in production of both television spots as well as the ubiquitous web commercial. Your product or company needs that front page video that plays when arriving at your site, we’ve got the knowledge, experience, and the creative to make your perfect pitch video.

Studio B Films is a hybrid between a creative agency and video production company, we can deliver original concepts and high production quality to connect with your audience in a meaningful way.

Real people telling real stories: that’s peer-to-peer marketing at it’s best. Testimonial videos are one of our favorite ways to sell you and your product. We talk to your customers, and let them tell the story of how your solution solved their problems, saved them time, reduced their stress, and boosted their bottom line.


Documentary storytelling is in our DNA—and that’s how we approach testimonial video production. The result is a warm, authentic way to add credibility to your marketing. As we like to say, it’s infinitely more powerful for your customers to brag about you than for you to brag about yourself.


Our testimonial video production spotlights your most enthusiastic customers, and brings your product to life. Your prospects can relate, compare their own situation, understand your solution, and imagine how much better things would be if they had it too.

Often visually very rich, testimonial videos are cinematic and personal, but also precise and on point with your messaging. Use testimonial videos on your own website, at tradeshows and other events, to share among internal teams, or for sales calls.


We love event and sizzle video production. Some of our favorite work has been for major events—and we’ve been lucky enough to see more than a few of our videos playing on massive 10:1 aspect ratio screens with multiple projectors.

Event and sizzle videos can inspire and rally a captive audience around something they all care about. They’re an opportunity to play with your organization’s characters and groups with stories and humor.

Event and sizzle videos can provide a vehicle for surprise—and inside jokes. Or tell complex or emotional stories that grab your audience.


Explainer videos are like the proverbial elevator pitch. They show your product or service in action—in a simple, pithy, often tongue-in-cheek style—and quickly communicate your value proposition, while having a little fun at the same time.

Explainer videos are typically two-to-three minutes long and narrated in a friendly, conversational tone— like your trusted buddy telling you about the latest, greatest solution.

The popularity of the explainer video has skyrocketed in recent years, especially among startups in the San Francisco Bay Area. With so many new companies needing to get the word out, and because social meeting makes that so easy, explainer videos are the perfect way to get your product to the front of the pack.

Looking for an explainer video services company? Look no further. Studio B Films has produced numerous explainer videos, always with the intention of making them unique, clever, and memorable. And sometimes they even go viral!


For a documentary film company, there’s nothing more satisfying than producing a documentary with compelling characters and a good story about a deep and complex topic. We love the opportunity to sink our teeth into a subject and explore it fully.

David Collier, the founder of Studio B Films, has deep roots in documentary film. In 1994, David produced a feature documentary called For Better or for Worse, a portrait of five feisty couples together for 50 years or longer. The film won a Golden Apple Award from the National Educational Film & Video Festival and Golden Eagle Award from CINE, and was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature.

As a documentary film company, Studio B Films has shot and produced a wide variety of projects ranging in style from the traditional to cutting-edge for PBS, BBC, Discovery Channel, HBO, MTV, and Canadian television.

There’s an art to creating successful training and educational videos. You must simultaneously educate, engage and entertain your audience. Video is a powerful medium for explaining concepts, capturing attention and igniting the imagination, and Studio B works closely with our clients to discover the right approach for their particular topic.


Our training video production has spanned the gamut, from a web series designed for entrepreneurs, to retail training videos for The Gap, to comedic safety videos for Sephora.

Our Berkeley zip code also requires producing instructional yoga videos for our neighbors, of which we’ve done several. Some of those small yoga and fitness companies have become national brands, including The Dailey Method.



Rushing into production (or estimating how much a production costs) in advance of creative development is like asking, "How long is a piece of string?" There is no answer to that question because there are too many hidden or undefined variables. Similarly, without a development process designed to explore the most visually engaging and compelling way to tell your story, all that any video production company can offer is a pile of expensive gear and the illumination of random pixels.

We begin our development partnership by focusing on your audience, the context, the tone, and most crucially, the story you need to tell.

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We produce industrial videos for sales, marketing, communications, documentation, education and training, product launches and focus groups, as well as music videos, video for live performance and narrative films.

We replace voluminous technical training manuals with web-ready video clips, instruct astronomers on how to speak to the public and turn complex scientific concepts into engaging stories. We document product performance and capture brainstorming sessions. We work with performing artists, documenting their work, creating compelling demo reels, or designing and integrating graphics and video into their shows. We write and produce videos for gala fundraising events, humorous short films for marketing and sales events, or to promote the use of green construction technologies. Our videos span the universe of images from remote galaxies to the microscopic coils used to operate inside the brain. We deliver for the web, podcasts, broadcast, or DVD.

Flying Moose Pictures was founded by Mark Leialoha and Jonathan Luskin, who bring over 40 years of experience in filmmaking, still photography, visual effects, theatre and animation to each project.

The Moose team draws on a wide network of designers, production crew and actors to assemble a team that uniquely serves each client’s production. Our approach is hands-on, creative and professional. We collaborate closely with our clients to meet both their creative and budgetary requirements.


Pre Production; concept brain storming, scripting



Post Production



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